Reliefs, Figures, Photos


Welcome and thank you for visiting Naomino (Naomi's) art site.

Naomi's Japanese heritage is apparent in her lifestyle and in her art work.  Her appreciation for high contrast leads to her mediums of choice, charcoals and relief prints.  

Naomi's charcoal figure drawings are rich in texture and contrast, containing a style that is truly her own.  Her relief prints (woodblock and linoleum reliefs) are studies of nature and of her heritage, which seems apropos, since wood block printing (hanga) is considered a fine art in Japan, dating back to the Heian period.  This art form is particularly associated with the Ukiyoe prints (Edo period) used for advertisement of Kabuki Theater.  These were beautiful mulit-colored prints, depicting the characters of Kabuki. 

Recently added to Naomi's repertoire are photographs.  These images are studies of texture and color, for preliminary drawings, for future relief prints. 

Naomi's art is a culmination of both her American and Japanese heritage, containing elements of western style with Japanese influence.